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Pakistan is abundant with Amils, nobles, astrologists, peers, who would not hesitate to turn your life upside down within a second by demanding a sum of money that not everyone can afford. First of all the knowledge that is provided to someone is a blessing from Almighty Allah and the starvation for the knowledge shown by HIS creatures, actually helps him achieve it. Rohani Amil Baba unlike other phony, sham artists out there is very rich in education of Stars, astrology and the ways of Islamic teachings, this is the only reason why Rohani Amil Baba has achieved this level of success in Pakistan. One thing that stands Rohani Amil Baba apart from the other shams is the intention which is what counts. As mentioned in Quran, “Actions are judged by intentions.” So One and Only thing that matters behind every deed is the intentions.

People who do blackmagic, witchcraft and bad spells, rely on jinns and the devil, and apply un-Islamic procedures to produce their spells. Thus all of their spells, including ruqya, are prohibited, and anyone who seek their help belies his belief in the true teachings of Islam. To know if you or your family are under the influence of black magic you will need to see a person called a Raqi that does Ruqya. Make sure he uses Islamic rules to do it and do not end up with some dodgy peer or so called saint!! Sisters must take an adult man/mahram with them without fail. Treatment of Blackmagic, Spells, Demonic Influence: In order to relieve a person from the clutches of black magic, reciting certain Quranic verses can have a tremendous healing impact. Quran has been sent as a cure and mercy for its followers and for those who seek this Holy book for healing purposes. Recitation of Ayatul Kursi, Surah Al-Falak, Surah Al-Naas, Surah Al-Fatiha and the above mentioned verses 2:101-102 of Surah Al-Baqarah can be helpful in dispelling the effects of blackmagic and bad spells. It is mentioned in the history books that once the Messenger of Allah was also attacked by blackmagic and that he sought cure from the blackmagic by Ruqya. It is permissible though not recommended for a person suffering to seek another pious person instead of himself to perform ruqya and even to pay him wages for his treatment. However, this is only so long as the dependency of the ailing person is on Allah and not on the reciter of Ruqya. In either case, the people reciting are only a means just like the medicine whereas it is Allah alone who is ultimately capable of curing the illness.